Sunday, March 27, 2011

Run for the Oaks 5K

It's been a while so this is going to be short.
My last 5k was in October of 09 so I wasn't quite sure if I knew how to do one of these. The morning was cold, but dry so I was quite happy for that. Drove down to the race site and picked up my chip. Said hi to new daily mile buddy Mika who was manning the registration table and met Chuck from the run for food international. The time was drawing near so I went out for my warmup run and then hit the port o let one last time and lined up. I guess I lined up too far back as when the race started it took me at least 1/2 mile of passing people and weaving in and out to get to clear road. I was coming up on the 1 mile mark and I thought I saw Audrey up in front of me. I thought, that can't be Audrey, she wouldn't be doing a sub 8 first mile. But then I saw her look at her watch, take a step, then look again, take another step and look again. So I ran by her and said, "Yes, you are running too fast". The first mile was right on pace at 7:44. I knew there was going to be a long climb starting at 1.5 so I tried to get ahead of my pace on the downhill and when the uphill started I was at 7:40 for the mile. The climb took more out of me than I expected but managed to hang on for a 7:49. I knew at this point I still had a half mile to climb so I did my best to hang on. when we finally started leveling off I was at an 8:20 for the mile and really had to work. Luckily a girl I had been playing leapfrog with went by me at this point and I hung on to her tail until the finally down hill section started. Mile 3 was 7:58 but I was running as fast as I could at this point, garmin says 6:30 and finished strong.
After it was all said and done I ran a 24:17 for 7:47 ave pace and a 26 second pr. A quick tidbit after the race I was doing my cooldown and was on my way back when I got lost in thought, went around a corner and tripped on a rock and face planted in a dirt parking lot.