Saturday, February 23, 2008

Coach Bubba 20k Race report

Did not have big expectations for this race. I originally wanted to try to break 2 hours, but I earlier in the week I decided that I wanted to do a hard track workout on Tuesday to help me with my goal of breaking 25 in a 5k in March so my legs were still a little sore and tired. My plan changed to start off the first 6 hilly miles at 10:30, then when I hit the flat part pick up the pace to 10, then for the last 5k, pick it up again to 9:45.
The morning started off cold and foggy, but no problems getting to the race, getting my chip and warming up. The race started and I was running with Cindy and Frank. At the first mile we were at 10:11 so a little faster than I wanted, so I told them I was going to slow a little and Frank decided to go on ahead on his own. The neighborhood part went by fairly quick as I had good company to run with and the hills kept it interesting. kept trying to slow it down, but we were still moving fairly fast, so I had no problem taking walk breaks at the two water stops.
When we hit American Tobacco Trail at mile 6, 6.06 on my watch, we had averaged 10:06 / mile so I was very happy because I still felt good and like I hadn't really been pushing it. At the 10k mark we were at 63 minutes and it was time to pick up the pace. I felt really good and my ave pace started dropping. The ATT was a series of gradual declines followed by gradual climbs, so on the down hills I tried to increase my ave pace and on the ups just try to maintain. Cindy told me just to go on ahead and do whatever pace I wanted, so I thought she was just going to take it easy, but when I got to the turn around she was right behind me :-). After the turn around it was time to up the pace again. I began passing people left and right and it felt really good, so I would pick some one up ahead and try to catch them. Then after I passed them, pick the next victim. My ave pace had dropped to 9:46 by the time I got to the 15k mark in 1:33 so I knew I had a good brisk pace going, I figured I could at least do a 30 minute final 5k and get 2:03 time, but I also know I wasn't going to break 2 hours so I didn't push too hard, but just tried to keep the faster pace going and keep passing people. Got to the end in 2:01:43 so I did a 28 minute 5k which I really felt awesome about and know that the 2 hour would have been broken if I had been fresh :-)

stats according to my GPS...
Distance 12.53 miles
Time 2:01:43
Ave Pace 9:43
Ave HR 153
Max HR 166

1st 5k 32 minutes
2nd 5k 31 minutes
3rd 5k 30 minutes
4th 5k 28 minutes

negative splits rock!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Thursday Run

I haven't really been posting much about the shorter weekday runs or other workouts as my time has been short lately, but yesterday I got to experience something new so I thought I should put it out there just in case I forget later on in life. I did a really hard workout tuesday of 5 x 1000 at just over my goal 5k pace with 200 jog recoveries. So it was almost like doing a 5k at a 1 minute faster than PR pace which I haven't done since 2004. So Wednesday I was sore in my quads like I haven't been in 4 years. Especially going down stairs. that night is the 90 minute spin class that I have been taking and I almost didn't make it through. So Thursday morning I wake up and I am having real trouble walking and I have to hold onto the railing to go down any amount of stairs.
Lunch time comes and its time to run. I walk to the rec center about .5 miles in hopes that my legs will loosen up a bit before the run, but no, they still really hurt. I have one person to run with and I inform him I am going slow, we start off nice and slow and it hurts. We start going up a slight incline to harrison and it hurts, we flatten out on harrison for short bit and it hurts, then we have a long false flat down, and it hurts even more, then a steep down and the pain is through the roof. Frank asks me if I'm going to make it or not. I reply, sure, this is so much fun why would I want to stop? Then we get to a long fairly steep climb by the lake and like magic going up this hill does not hurt. How could it be? Could it be that the only mucles not sore in my legs are my hill running muscles? or have I just warmed up enough that the pain is going away. Answer #1, because then we have the short steep down followed by another long false flat down and the pain is back in force. luckily, did I just say that, the rest of the way back is Up, show Down, then Up, Up, UP. So the last .75 miles which I usually hate were the best of the day. I have never gone out on a run before and wanted to run up hill as much as I did today. Of course then the walk back to my office...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday long run

I was going to blog about last week's 10 mile run with Cindy, but she beat me to it.
And since she did such a great job of it, I didn't think I needed to. so here it is

This week I decided to meet the group that runs at umstead every week at 8am for my 10 mile run. started off with Salman for the first 3.5 miles, then he said we was going to take a water break and only go a little longer before turning around so I went on ahead. After I finall got my mp3 player hooked up, I got to the downhill section and fell into a nice rythm. Then Ying caught up to me just before the turn around and I ran with him the rest of the way back. This was a good thing as I would probably have slowed my pace on the hills going back, but he ran slower so I could keep up. I told him not to wait on the spillway since I didn't know how much I would have left in the tank. I was supposed to pick up my pace for the last 3 miles of the run, but instead I did that from miles 6 - 10 since I didn't think I could hold the faster pace up the 1/2 mile hill. I was able to run the whole hill at a slower pace of course, and at the top picked up the pace for the short run back to the parking lot.

managed 10 miles in 1:39:38 so just under 10/mile. Then got my triple grande caramel maciato and hung out to listen to the stories. Found out Ed made his Boston Qualifing time easily. He needed to break 3:30 and he got 3:23 something. Bet he is still driving Candy nuts about it ;-)