Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday long run

I was going to blog about last week's 10 mile run with Cindy, but she beat me to it.
And since she did such a great job of it, I didn't think I needed to. so here it is

This week I decided to meet the group that runs at umstead every week at 8am for my 10 mile run. started off with Salman for the first 3.5 miles, then he said we was going to take a water break and only go a little longer before turning around so I went on ahead. After I finall got my mp3 player hooked up, I got to the downhill section and fell into a nice rythm. Then Ying caught up to me just before the turn around and I ran with him the rest of the way back. This was a good thing as I would probably have slowed my pace on the hills going back, but he ran slower so I could keep up. I told him not to wait on the spillway since I didn't know how much I would have left in the tank. I was supposed to pick up my pace for the last 3 miles of the run, but instead I did that from miles 6 - 10 since I didn't think I could hold the faster pace up the 1/2 mile hill. I was able to run the whole hill at a slower pace of course, and at the top picked up the pace for the short run back to the parking lot.

managed 10 miles in 1:39:38 so just under 10/mile. Then got my triple grande caramel maciato and hung out to listen to the stories. Found out Ed made his Boston Qualifing time easily. He needed to break 3:30 and he got 3:23 something. Bet he is still driving Candy nuts about it ;-)

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