Friday, August 31, 2007

Swimming with the cats

Swam this morning in the endless pool, nothing much exciting happened, but the cats are getting more and more brave about standing around the edges while I am swimming. At first they wouldn't come close while the propeller was turning, then they would hang out during warmup, but take off when I cranked it up for the main workout. Today I noticed them a few times sitting on the edge staring at me while I swam. Of course as soon as they saw me notice during my breaths on that side, they would turn away like "I'm not watching you". When I got bored, I would try to flick some water their way without losing momentum which isn't easy when swimming into a 2.4 mph current.

Bye Bye toenail

Ran with C today, it was a new route and probably my favorite that I've done for a while. It starts at the rec center and goes out to the main road with a short slow climb to warmup. Then you turn left and go over a mile of downhill to Black creek trail. Ran Black creek till the end and turned around and came a little less than half way back to the exit trail. The exit trail is up hill all the way, but we managed to run almost the whole way until the really steep hill that I never run because it's really steep. Then when we got back to the main road, ran the rest of the way back to the rec center. It was cooler out but still in the 70's, but the dew point was in the low 60's. This seemed to make a big difference since I felt good almost the whole way. The company of course was great as usually and makes the run go by much quicker. Now on to the title...

On my Saturday run my toes started hurting at mile 11.5, pain like I've felt before like my nails on my big toes were going to fall off. I stopped at mile 11, but they were sore the rest of the day. I was hoping that they might not fall off and since I hadn't run since Saturday I forgot all about it. But after this run, my right nail once again hurt and now shows the tell tail blackness underneath the nail that signifies the end of it's life. At least the left one is still salvageable. I'm hoping it stays on till after the Duke Half IM, but I'm not holding my breath.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wednesday Solo Lunch Bike

After two days off I was ready to get out and do some kind of execise. This morning my hydration status was back to normal but since my coach keeps telling me to take it easy I decided to head out early on the bike by myself instead of waiting for the lunch group to go. Usually I just warmup with them until they decide to put the hammer down and drop everyone they can. I used to try to hang on as long as possible, but now I just let them go and pick up the stragglers later. This makes my workout much more enjoyable. Today though, I was going easy and didn't even want the warmup pressure.

Started off at 10:45 with two 24 oz water bottles filled with Ultima and a stomach filled with a power bar I just ate :-). Immediately I noticed my chain making some crazy noises so I glanced down and saw how rusted it looked and hoped it will clean itself off and stop making that much noise. It didn't, so I altered my route and headed to the bike shop where I bought my mike hoping they would help me out. When I got there, it had stopped making that noise except uphills, but I still wanted to get some lube. So I went in and asked for some chain lube, they hooked me up fairly quickly, told me my bike was really dirty and I needed the "Orange package". I thought it was some product I needed to buy, but I didn't have any money but they explained it was a service. I told them I would bring it in next month when I was done biking for the year and headed back out.

Other than that the ride was uneventful, I felt great but was going at an easy pace so I was happy. Looking forward to my easy 7 mile run tomorrow and hoping the the weather chick is right and it will be in 60's in the morning.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Sunday Long Bike

It's been a long time since I passed out from heat and dehydration. About 3 months before my daughter was born, but Sunday was the day. I had run 12 miles the day before and when I woke up Sunday morning I was 4 lbs less then Saturday morning so I knew and should have know, that I needed to be careful, but the weather was overcast and not as hot as it had been. I drank an extra 16 oz of water in the morning, packed the bike with 72 oz of Ultima and drove to the meeting site.

The day started off well, I was with a group of 5 and we were going at an easy pace as we set off for our 64 mile ride. The first hour was great, I had two peanut butter crackers, two fig newtons, and 24 oz of Ultima. I was sweating a lot, but my heart rate was staying low and I was drinking a lot. We stopped at a gas station at 25 miles and I refilled my empty with water and half of the other with water so I still had 72 oz of fluid. We started back off at an easy pace so I ate half a power bar, but then we picked it up for a long section. I was still feeling fine, and when we made the turn I ate the other half of the power bar and finish off my second water bottle so now I had 60 oz in and still had 48 on the bike. The next stretch is probably where things went bad. I was pacing well and riding at an easy steady rate up a false flat with some rollers and finish off the next bottle of ultima. We made a turn and I dropped to the back to take it easy for a while. After about 2 more miles, my legs started burning and I lost all power. Came up to the next stop sign where the others were waiting for me, stopped, took off my helmet and got that familiar feeling.

It's kinda weird and a little alarming when it happens. It starts with nausea, then lightheadedness, the next part is panic and tunnel vision as the blood leaves my head. At this point I de clipped from the bike and headed to the stop sign for support so I could sit down without getting bloody like the last time, luckily my riding buddies noticed what was happening and held my bike for me, I didn't make it to the sign before my legs gave out. My ankle twisted, the my knee bent some odd direction and the next thing I saw was black. I was only out long enough to not feel the ground. I just woke up and saw the sky. Once on the ground, my brains started to come back and I knew what happened, so I knew my day was done. Luckily Ed lived only 10 miles away and his wife was able to come pick me up. I had some more water and was able to cool off a little so when she got there I was reasonable coherent and she brought some cold water and an ice pack and drove me back to my car. On the way my appetite returned and I was able to get some more food and water down.

I'm not really sure what I could have done to avoid this other then not going. I guess I should have tried to drink more Saturday after my run, but I was going on two gallons Saturday night and really didn't want to drink more. Then Sunday I had 32 in the morning, 80 some on the bike in 2.5 hours. After I got home I had another gallon of fluids, alternating between Gatorade and water. I woke up this morning and was now 5 lbs less then Saturday morning and felt like crap so I am still trying to eat and drink back to normal.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Long run day

This was supposed to be a 13 mile run, but ended up with 12. I think I'll survive...
I met my buddy K at North cary park at 7:30 she was supposed to do 12 so at least one of us did what we were supposed to. She is in training for IM Florida after crashing at IM lake placid so already in good shape just trying to keep it up until November rolls around. I haven't been going fast on my long runs and been doing a bit too much walking. She is more into no walk breaks and a steady pace, so just what I needed for my last long run before the Duke Half IM next month. Started off good. Took one walk break on the way out to fix my new run belt and tie my shorts so they would stop drooping, and then at the turn around one more to get some gels down. first 6 miles 1:04, not fast, but respectable pace. Then we turned around. The first part of the way back was tough. We ran up the 1/2 mile S hill ok, and the little hills that lead to Cemetery hill. I got in a rhythm and got a little lead on K here, but not much. We had already agreed to walk up Cemetery hill so when I got there I started walking slowly until she caught up. It's not really a break to walk up this hill has it is really steep, but got another gel down and some more fluid. My shoes had been filled with sweat since the turnaround and were now starting to squeak. After the hill we ran to the water fountain and had a short break to hill up some bottles before running back. Normally the downhill from the airport to the entrance of Black creek trail is a great break, but today it was a little painful as my shoes were about 2lbs heavier so I told K I was going to walk at the entrance. After that nice walk break we ran to the next water fountain and I got some water to splash on my head and filled up another bottle for the final mile back to the car. We made it back to the park and 12 miles, but my original plan was to run a half mile past, then back to get that extra mile in, but my shoes were heavy, and my big toes were yelling at me to stop or loose a nail. So I stopped. Always listen to your toes when they threaten you. I lost a nail once or twice and it always takes about a year for it to get back to normal.

Another hot and humid day in the books. Started off ok in the 70's, but when we got back it was pretty hot and I know I lost about 5 lbs even though I drank 48 oz of fluid while running. 2 lbs of it are still in my shoes. Hopefully race day will be cooler. I suspect my run will be 2:15 if the weather is in the 70's in the afternoon, and 2:30 if in the 80's. Since my swim and bike probably won't be that affected by the heat if I start running at 3:50 like I plan that puts my finish time around 6:05 - 6:20.

Time for a nap as I have a 65 mile bike tomorrow, oh joy...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Free Manure

You never know what you'll see while biking in south easy wake county NC. I was on my Thursday night 20 mile ride and was admiring all the cows and horses along the route when I see a sign that says Free Manure. What a deal...

The ride went fairly well, only two boneheads in pickup trucks yelling at me when they went by, a swarm of those crazy flying any creatures were the downers. They really don't taste that good and I was really happy I didn't forget my glasses. It must of been really humid as my shirt was soaked when I got back but I really didn't feel hot at all while out there.

Chased by a thunderstorm

Went outside this morning with the mp3 player loaded with 80's tunes ready for an easy run around the neighborhood. The sky was a pale yellow color and very overcast. Haven't seen that color before so I didn't know what to expect. I saw on the news at 5:30 that there were thunderstorms in Durham headed this way, but they don't usually make it all the way down here before breaking up especially in the morning. So started off and felt really good for some reason. The temp was 72 but still humid. This I guess this is much better than 80 and humid like Tuesday was, so that may have been it, but the air was cooler, there was a breeze. I kept telling myself to keep the pace down and save it for the weekend. This was working as when I got to mile 2 I was averaging right at 10 min mile pace. A half mile later I heard the first bit of thunder. My first thought was it will be nice to get rained on to cool off. But then I started thinking about lightning and how I am a magnet for it every since the chair lift I was on got struck by it and my lift ticket got fried and I had a huge bruise for a week. So at mile 2.5 I decided to take the 1 mile shortcut home and push the pace, then do a 1.5 mile cool down on the treadmill. The 8 something pace I kept the rest of the way home felt good and just as I hit the one hill left, Joe Satriani came on the mp3 player and that always adds some spring to my pace. Made it home just as the rain started to fall, and managed to do an easy 1.5 on the treadmill while watching the news.
Finally a descent run, gives me hope for my 13 mile run Saturday and 65 mile bike on Sunday...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

steady swim

This workout was just a 40 minute steady swim in the endless pool. This whole week is easier than normal since the weekend is going to be brutal. Tried to keep the pace at 2.2 mph or just under race pace, put some Rush on the SwiMp3 player and tried to get lost in the music. Time went by fairly quickly, I say the sun rise in my mirror and knew the time was almost up so I turned up the pace to 2.4 mph for the last 5 minutes just for fun. Swimming is really the only thing I enjoy doing right now as this heat is just freakin killing me. hopefully the days of triple digits are behind us and we can get under 70 overnight so I can enjoy being outside again...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday Morning Run

Ran with Erin this morning as the rec center where I work is closed for maintenance so the normal Tuesday track day was cancelled. And good thing too as the temp today is heading for triple digits. The run went ok. I ran to her house about 1 mile to warmup, then we did a 4 mile loop though the adjacent neighborhood, then I jogged home to round out the 6 miles, only 1 walk break up a hill and didn't get hit by any cars crossing the roads, but it sure was hot and humid. I was dripping by the time I got back and a little dehydrated. Don't know how much more of this heat I can take. My race is coming up and if it's going to be this hot, I just might not do it. This weekend offers no relief and I have a 13 mile run Sat and a 60 mile bike on Sunday. Oh joy...

Monday, August 20, 2007

Endless Pool

Today's workout 30 minutes easy in the endless pool. Put some Ozzy on and set the speed to 2.1 mph and just swam nice and easy. This workout is like the easy run where you don't have to think about what you are doing, just do it. No turning to break concentration, no sighting or avoiding boats in the open water, just stay in the middle and let the mind wander...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Brick day

Since this is the first post in my new Tri training blog. A little background. I am currently training for the Duke Liver Center Half Ironman triathlon on September 16th. I have been at it for a while now, but just decided to start posting workout thoughts as well as race reports. My old blog on yahoo 360 has all my old race reports. I probably won't move them over, but if you are interested... it is here.

Today's workout: 40 mile bike 6 mile run. Sounds like fun?

Day started off ok at 5 AM, got up and had my normal breakfast of Grapenuts, raisins and added a banana to get some extra calories for the day ahead. First problem. Out of milk. So I used my wife's fat free half and half with some water added. Boy was that yummy. Had to get going by 6:15 as I was meeting a friend of mine for the run part of my brick at 8:30 and needed to bike to her house and drop off my run stuff before heading out on the bike.
The bike was boring since I was by myself and doing a route that I had done many times in the past as part of my White lake Half IM training. But the good news is after killing myself on the bike for the past month or so, I seem to be making some improvements. Here are my HR stats from a ride I did in March for this route compared to the one I did today.

March 31st ride August 18 ride same course
Ave speed 18 mph Ave speed 18.1
Ave hr 140 Ave hr 134
Max hr 165 Max hr 155
Time in HR Zone 4 – 33 Time in HR Zone 4 – 03 – 30 minutes less woo hoo
Time in HR Zone 3 – 1:16 Time in HR Zone 3 – 1:24
Time in HR Zone 2 - 15 Time in HR Zone 2 – 34

I didn't really look at my old times, I was just trying to stay comfortable in zone 3. So now I feel much better about my training progress. The heat and humidity lately have really gotten my down. This morning though it was 70 and less humid.

The run also was better than I thought. I had my buddy Erin to run with so it went by quicker and I felt really good the whole time. Took a few walk breaks up the hills so the heart rate wouldn't explode, but other than that kept the pace just a little slower than my goal race pace.

I have been inspired by some of the blogs I have been reading lately so I will try to post more often and not just race reports.