Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wednesday Solo Lunch Bike

After two days off I was ready to get out and do some kind of execise. This morning my hydration status was back to normal but since my coach keeps telling me to take it easy I decided to head out early on the bike by myself instead of waiting for the lunch group to go. Usually I just warmup with them until they decide to put the hammer down and drop everyone they can. I used to try to hang on as long as possible, but now I just let them go and pick up the stragglers later. This makes my workout much more enjoyable. Today though, I was going easy and didn't even want the warmup pressure.

Started off at 10:45 with two 24 oz water bottles filled with Ultima and a stomach filled with a power bar I just ate :-). Immediately I noticed my chain making some crazy noises so I glanced down and saw how rusted it looked and hoped it will clean itself off and stop making that much noise. It didn't, so I altered my route and headed to the bike shop where I bought my mike hoping they would help me out. When I got there, it had stopped making that noise except uphills, but I still wanted to get some lube. So I went in and asked for some chain lube, they hooked me up fairly quickly, told me my bike was really dirty and I needed the "Orange package". I thought it was some product I needed to buy, but I didn't have any money but they explained it was a service. I told them I would bring it in next month when I was done biking for the year and headed back out.

Other than that the ride was uneventful, I felt great but was going at an easy pace so I was happy. Looking forward to my easy 7 mile run tomorrow and hoping the the weather chick is right and it will be in 60's in the morning.

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