Saturday, June 21, 2008

Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel

So I have been struggling with this right leg/hip pain since February, it's not debilitating, but it is very annoying and at times hurts like hell when driving. It starts in the back of my hip and will radiate all the way down to my feet. I have been searching all over the place to find out what it could be. I had finally convinced myself that it was bursitis in my hip that was causing this as only anti inflammatory drugs have been able to relieve it. Then Friday morning I was flipping through the new runner's world and I see this butt, so I look closer, and I see a muscle in red that is in the same spot as where my pain is starting. So I read and the symptoms and it fits exactly to what I am experiencing. Now I am getting excited, I take it with me to work so I can do the stretch and exercise listed and after lunch try it out, and it seems to be working. Of course what is causing the performis muscle to get so tight to make this happen is still a mystery, but I suspect it's the bike fit on my tri bike being a little low, so I need to get that adjusted and keep doing these stretches and exercise, but at least I have a plan now other than taking alleve...

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