Tuesday, July 8, 2008

great raleigh road race 5 miler - race report

I usually like to write my race report the day off or after the race, but for this one I needed a little perspective so I decided to wait a while.

Race morning was going well, except for the 73 degree temps and high humidity that showed up after the stupid weather guys kept saying 66 degrees. family got up and ready on time and we had no problem finding a good parking spot. Made our way to the start and easily found Cindy and family and Frank. After getting my chip and attaching the kids, Lilyan and Mia, we headed out for a warmup jog. The weather didn't feel too bad in the shade and standing still, but once you got moving you could feel the moisture in the air. It was a short warmup of about 8 minutes, but we warmup quick in the heat.

I was planning to do the following for my splits
8:45 to 9:00 for the first mile between 9 and 9:15 for the next two then for the down hill finish on hillsboro 8:30.

Mile 1 - started off well at 8:59, kept the pace in check and was thinking about the hills so I didn't get too far ahead of myself. But when we made the turn off hillsboro the sweat was already dripping off my hat. This was not boding well...
Mile 2 - missed the mile marker so my watch said 9:37 for 1.04, but the pace was 9:22. Not too bad, but still slower than I wanted. I should have gotten some more water at this stop, the half cup on my head and half in my mouth probably wasn't enough. The hills had started and it was getting tough.
Mile 3 - Since I was late on mile two, mile 3 was fast at 9:03, but my pace actually dropped to 9:25 for the .96 miles. I still thought that was ok because I knew the hills were finally ending and there were some tough long climbs. I was ready for it end at this point. I think 5k is probably the longest one should run in the summer. I need to remember that :-).
Mile 4 - my best mile since the start 8:57, but for how much it hurt and the fact that is was mostly downhill, the 8:57 was not a good sign of what was to come. Once again, did not take full advantage of the water stop, and the fact that there was no shade on Hillsboro wasn't helping.
Mile 5 - 9:13, This was the hardest mile, it was downhill, but every time there was a little bump it felt harder and harder to get over and I just wanted to stop. But I knew Cindy was back there and if I slowed anymore than I already did she would fly by me. I saw the coach near the finish and waved, then listened to she if I could hear her shout to Cindy, but nothing. As soon as I crossed the finish I feel a tap on my back and it was Cindy. I think we were all of two seconds apart.
Total time 45:51 9:10 / mile - I relize I wasn't tapered for this race, but still I wanted to go a bit faster. Somehow I always forget that I can't go fast in the heat. Then after the finish when we were standing around, that confused, dizzy, nausous feeling came on and I knew that I was going to the ground one way or another so for once I chose the better way and sat myself down on the road easy. After a few minutes I finally started to feel better and was ready to watch the kids.

This race was an eye opener for my tri next month in Connecticut. I really need to work on my hydration and heat management for that race or it will end up in the bad category. Also need to adjust my expectations and use that as more of a training race for Pinehurst and not as a big goal race. because I don't do well in the heat. now if I can just remember that...

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butcept said...

I thought you did really well but I wasn't aware of your struggle. I struggled too but fortunately for me, I had you to look to to keep my pace. It sucked though. And it's only afterwards that I'm happy. :-) I don't know what your PR is for a five miler but I thought we did a pretty good time.