Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mossman Tri race report

This was a great race for me. It was very painful but I managed to beat my old international distance PR by 3 minutes.

unofficial times

Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Total
25:42 1:56 1:12:41 1:43 1:01:21 2:43:25

Official results are in *************************************************************
25:57 1:36 1:12:51 1:36 1:01:20 2:43:22
bike pace 20.4 mph
swim pace 1:43 / 100 meters
run pace 9:53 min/mile

Swim: the swim was in the long island sound and this morning it was in the 70's and flat as a pancake. wetsuit legal and the water was pretty clean. It was a beach start and we started by running down the beach about 50 yards before heading out towards the first bouy. I stayed to the left and out of the main action, but did manage to draft a few times. Felt like I was going too easy, so either it was short or I'm a bit faster than I thought...

T1: hate running in the soft sand, but it wasn't that far. Saw the kid and wife and yelled, but the wife is deaf and the kid looked at me like I was a wetsuit green cap blue goggled alien.

Bike: about 21 mph ave - I had planned to go conservative on the bike, but it was flat and not much wind, so when I did the first of 5 laps in 14:30 minutes, I decided to crank it up for the next 3 and did them in under 14. the last lap I backed off for a 15 so I could get my legs ready to run. Being a 5 lap course, I saw the kid and wife 3 times playing on the rocks by the car and yelled and finally got some waves :-).

T2: legs were realing from the bike and my back was hurting from all the driving but I hoped they would feel better as I got into the run. The wife walked up while I was putting on my running shoes so i got a kiss before heading out to run, the kid said I was too dirty.

run: 9:52 / mile - Ran the first mile in 9:12 but didn't think I could hold that for 6 miles with my back, leg, neck, ankle, hamstring and etc pains but I was going to try as long as I could. Managed to just keep going the first loop and did the 3.1 in 27:30 so i was on a really good pace, then I got to mile 4 at 38 so i was still on a 9:30 pace, but then I started to fall apart. Took my first walk break at 4.2 or so then managed to run to the final turn around before walking again and got some water and gatorade. Started running again, but only to mile 5 before it was walk or puke time. I chose walk, I still wanted to break 1 hour for the run so after I felt less puky, I started again, but could only do 2 mins before walk time again, this went on to the finish so I didn't break an hour, but close enough.

Then after the race, the battery in my car was dead, tried to get a jump, but apparently my cables were no good and had to call for a jump, then went to a firestone where they told me it was my alternator. Waiting till tomorrow to goto a Toyota dealer because we didn't trust them.

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