Sunday, December 7, 2008

Run at the Rock

Last race of the year. This was a 7 mile trail run. I haven't been having the best of luck with trails lately, so I wasn't expecting much in speed and I didn't disappoint.
The day started off ok, went to starbucks to meet Tim to make the hour drive to the race site. It was cold, but the truck was warm. Got there with plenty of time to get our race bags minus the normal t-shirts, and do a short warm up. They were playing 80's rock music like Van Halen and Ozzy. The race started off with a canon shot, Tim told me I should put this in my report so he would remember it.
It was in the 30's, I was wearing thin gloves, long sleeve under shirt, running tights, an old sweatshirt and a thin headband. I thought I was going to be ok since I started off really cold, but soon found out I was over dressed. The headband came off at mile 1, and the gloves at mile 2. Then I was still hot the rest of the way. Mile 1 was ok, we started on roads, the eased into a dirt trail until we came to a stop at the bridge to the single track. Waited about a minute, then started the trails. Mile 2 was ok as well, people were passing me left and right, but it didn't bother me as I was more concerned with not twisting my ankle or falling on the rocks. Mile 3 sucked as my legs were hurting and the hills were tough. I think I was at an 11:11 pace at mile 2, but by the time we got to mile 3 my ave dropped to 12. When we came out of the first set of trails I started feeling better and my speed started picking up. When got to the final section, I was just starting to feel good, and was getting the hang of the ups and downs over roots and rocks. I picked up a good pace setter and followed her the rest of the way in. There was one more big hill before the end which came at mile 6.6 on my watch, not that I wanted to go another .4, I was ready to get back in the truck and warm up.
It was a fun course, easier than the trails I trained on, so I enjoyed it more than I expected and saw a bunch of people I knew so it was fun. I do like trail running, but I also hate it because I suck so badly at it...

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