Sunday, February 15, 2009

National marathon training week 15&16

Let's see, I am going to break from the norm as the last two weeks haven't gone very well...

week 15 started off ok, but have been feeling a bit tired and had low energy the whole week. My workouts had been on target, so not too worried, but still I felt like I needed a break so I told the coach I was going to ease off the intensity a bit and recover a bit more. Thursday came and I woke up not feeling great, when I looked to far up,down,left or right, there was a weird shooting pain in my head. So I just didn't do that. My run went fine, and decided to do my 13 mile run on Sunday instead of saturday. Friday was a day off, and the weird pain was still there, but it was a day off and so I didn't think about it. Saturday was my swim that I was to do on Sunday, and it went fine and the weird pain was gone. The energy level was still low, but my recovery weeks to date haven't been all that great and usually the next week is better.
Sunday's long run was 13, I met cindy at Shelley lake for some flat easy miles. It felt a little harder than normal, but she was up for the walk breaks and we made it without too much difficulty. Afterward we met the families for brunch at golden Corral. I did not feel well at all at GC, but made it home without losing anything. When I got home I hit the scale and I had lost 5 lbs since the morning weigh in. That was before breakfast and all that I drank before during and after the run. So I attributed my crappy feeling to getting dehydrated. Little did I know what was in store.

Weekly miles: 23

Week 16: Got a sinus infection and felt like crap all week. Ran once for 4 miles. That's all I want to say about week 16...
Weekly miles: 4

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