Monday, April 6, 2009

20 years ago

Well actually it's 21, but that's close enough. It was 1988, I was a junior in college at University of Florida, I got on the scale and it said less than 220. That was the last time I can remember that an accurate scale registered less than 220. Until last month. I was training for a marathon and my weight was down in the low 220's but still could not get under 220. It was warm day and I had an 8 mile run scheduled, the scale in the morning said 223. After the run I got on the scale and it was 218. Of course I knew that it was all water, but still it was nice to actually see it. The next day it was back at 224.
Then the event occurred. I finally admitted my hip was injured enough that I wouldn't be able to do the marathon. I went to the ortho doctor and he told me it was bursitis, gave me a steroid shot and said no running for 4 weeks. With 4 weeks of no running in my future, I did not want to gain back up to the low 230's where I was when I started the marathon training so I began tracking my calories in vs out and watching what I ate. Two days later I weighed 219. It was quite a shock since the last time I weighed myself it was 226. How did a lose 7 lbs in 3 days? I was going a lot, but I was also drinking a lot of water and had not exercised in 5 days so I just thought it was water lose combined with my body flushing out all the junk and figured it would go back up again.
Two weeks later I am still hovering right around 218 - 221. My scale's body fat percent has returned to what it was before the shot so no dehydration. I have resumed exercise, bike and swim and weights, but still watching the cals in vs out. I am aiming for 90% of what I need to stay at current weight so I can lose gradually without getting too hungry or sending my body into store mode. I will admit that I have been hungry probably 80% of the time for the last two weeks, but with the scale cooperating it has been easier to keep it up. So I am going to officially count it and hope that next week when I start running again I can keep it going and finally get down to the 210 - 215 mark that I really would feel comfortable with. If by some miracle I can get under 200 that would be 1985. Maybe next year on the 25th anniversary :-).

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butcept said...

Awesome!! Great job! Amazing that you've done that with OUT running!!!