Monday, February 1, 2010

One down 9 to go

So the 1st official month of ironman training is in the books. I'm not really training specifically for the ironman at this time, but it is the focus of the year so it will always be on the radar. let's take a look at the numbers to see how it went.
Totals Sport Time ( Minutes ) Miles
Swimming 289 10.48
Biking 892 224.20
Running 624 63.75
Total time Total mileage
30 hrs 298

If I break down by weeks it looks like this
Weekly Totals Sport Time Miles Total time Total mileage
12/28/09 Swim 30.00 1.00 316.00 44.80
Biking 90.00 24.30
Running 196.00 19.50
1/4/10 Swim 60.00 2.35 397.00 65.55
Biking 197.00 49.00
Running 140.00 14.20
1/11/10 Swim 77.00 2.83 402.00 63.08
Biking 198.00 46.70
Running 127.00 13.55
1/18/10 Swim 74.00 2.60 446.00 76.80
Biking 227.00 59.70
Running 145.00 14.50
1/25/10 Swim 78.00 2.70 380.00 59.70
Biking 180.00 44.50
Running 122.00 12.50

The week totals a bit higher than the month since I had a few workouts in December mixed in, but it looks like a good 4 week build, followed by a nice recovery week at the end.
My biggest goal this year is consistency and I hit every workout on the schedule. Obviously due to weather they weren't exactly what was written, but close enough. It was a tough month coming off an easy December. I usually only do 3 week before a recovery week, but since I didn't really do anything in Dec after the 1/2 marathon on the 4th I figured I could go 4. That last week was really tough and I was exhausted on several nights. But after this recovery week at the end I am back to my normal self.
All in all a good month for me. Hope to carry that forward to November. Looking ahead to February, the schedule looks good, increasing bike mileage is my focus to get ready for the long course duathlon I have on March 20 and some run speed for the 10k on March 6th.

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