Friday, April 16, 2010

The #i8this challenge part deux

So after much thought I have finally decided on what I will do for the next #i8this challenge on twitter. I've analyzed my eating/drinking habits and decided the best place for improvement would be my between meal snacks. Most of the time I eat fruit as my snack, but occasionally I will eat candy or chips. So for the next two weeks I will concentrate on eating only healthy food in between meals and will try to mix in a protein with it. Need to add nuts, pumpkin seeds and nutella to the shopping list so I can mix with the fruits.

For more info on the #i8this challenge, and how to join in go here

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HolisticGuru said...

Love your goal! I have a great healthy snack list to give you some ideas. Email me at and I'll send it along :)

Good luck!