Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mid Year Recap

With 6 months of the year gone it's time to look back to see if I'm on track. First a look at the numbers

Averages Monthly Hours Monthly Miles
Swimming 4.62 9.75
Biking 13.89 225.76
Running 11.68 70.64
Total 30.19 306.14

Biggest week miles June 14 - 111 miles
Biggest week hours June 21 - 10.5 hours

Biggest month miles June - 356 miles
Biggest month hours May - 32.4 hours

1) My number one goal this year is consistency. So far if missed 8 scheduled workouts due to sickness or injury or just being plain worn out. I'd say that is a win so far.
2) Work on your mind - Positive thinking, visualization and not sabotaging my own training and racing have all been on track and I think have really helped this year.
3) Eating better - I have had a few transgressions, but in general I've been eating much better and have lost 10 lbs since January without calorie restriction.
4) Work on the core - started off really well with this one, but when the races started coming it has dropped off. With only 3 races in the 2nd half of the year I need to pick this back up and be more consistent with them. I might add them to my calendar instead of just doing them when I had the time. I think I need that constant reminder

Race results for the first half of the year were great for me so I would say I just need to keep doing what I've been doing, refocus a bit every now and then and that Iron Distance race will be mine.

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butcept said...

Good job! Hope you get your training partner back for the second part of the year - Karyn (then/and me). :)