Saturday, December 8, 2007

Reindeer romp 5k

first the numbers...
total time 26:48 8:37 pace
mile 1 - 8:18
mile 2 - 8:58
mile 3 - 8:50
.12 - :42

So I started off too fast as usual, but I started in the front and at the horn, all the little kids took off sprinting, they made it a quarter mile or so, then they either stopped and walked, or slowed to a crawl, so even though I started in front, I still found myself passing people left and right for the first mile.
The second mile was a lot less crowded as we encountered many hills there were a bunch of parents running with their kids trying to keep them going on this part. My faith in the human race was slightly restored...
Mile 3 started great as we ran by the start and the 1/2 mile downhill stretch, but then the second half was all uphill and very challenging to keep the pace up. Went by 3 volunteers and although they were no where near each other, they were all "almost there". :-)
I like the course, even though it is a little tough on the ankles, but if it grows in numbers it will be harder to navigate.
This is my last race for the year so look for a year wrap up coming soon. I felt really good about my speed for this one and think my "break 25 minutes" goal for the run for the oaks is possible.

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