Thursday, November 29, 2007

re - disconnected

So I ran today,
it was 38 degrees so I brought my gloves, a head band, my sweatshirt with the hood, and my mp3 player since I was going to be solo today and I haven't done a run solo over 30 minutes in I don't know how long.
I arrive at the start location and go to get my gloves out and I only have one. doh! well it's not that windy, so I can just put my hands in my sleeves until I warm up and it should be fine, so I grab the mp3 player and leave the headband since it doesn't work too well with the earphones which I why I brought the unibomber hooded sweatshirt. I start walking and notice that my mp3 battery is completely dead. It somehow got turned on and drained. Oh well, put that back in the car, and start to think I shouldn't be running today. Nothing seems to be going right and I'm tired from only 5 hours of sleep and it's 38 degrees and I'm wearing shorts with no gloves.

Well I somehow convince myself to just go ahead and I'm sure I will feel better about it later. So off I go. about 1/2 mile into it I realize I should have worn the headband as it's much better than the unibomber hood and since I don't have the earphones I don't really need to the hood. When is this going to get better again?

Anyway my plan was 2 mile warmup from the car to the water fountain, then mid tempo to the top of cemetery hill, then 1 mile easy back to the airport over look, then 1 mile plus at race pace on the downhill back to the park entrance which leaves 1/2 mile cool down back to the car.

About 1 mile into it, I see a doe cross the trail in front of me, not in a panic or stressed out like the deer usually are, it is taking it's time. It goes about 50 feet into the woods, stops, then turns and stares at me as I go by. Not wanting to be rude, I try to start a conversation. "So nice weather were having isn't it?". She just keeps staring at me. Of well, "Have a good run!" and I turn my attention back to the leaf covered trail. It took about 2 miles to fully warmup which worked out perfect as that was when the mid tempo part started. Now I'm feeling better, going at about 9:20 pace, nice and warm I can start to feel my fingers again, but my knees and ankles are still numb. 6 minutes of that and it's time to turn around and jog a little. About 1 mile back, heart rate back to normal feeling good, I can now feel my knees, I'm sure my ankles will be next :-). Pick up the pace on the slight down hill to 8:45, now I breathing hard, but everything seems to be working right so I keep that pace to the park entrance and then a nice easy cool down jog back to the car.

See I was right, I just went and it did feel better, now for some coffee :-)

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