Friday, November 23, 2007

Triangle Turkey Trot 8k

Not a lot of time for this one, so only a quick summary will have to do...

Official times
Chip Time - 45:22 9:07
Gun Time - 45:54 9:14

1 mile fun run, Lilyan ran almost the whole way, except for a couple short rides in the jogger, and one shortcut :-). During this part that I was using as a warmup, my legs were cramping from the yard work on Wednesday so I didn't have much hope for the run.

After the fun run, I had to go to the bathroom, but all the port o john's were across Cary Parkway in the IO sports parking lot. So I had about 6 minutes to run over, go, then run back before the start. I decided to go for it. that was a good decision. But just as I get back, I had about one minute to rest and talk when the horn sounded.

mile 1
1.03 miles, 8:31 / mile, 158 ave hr
It took me about 35 seconds to get to the start line, then it was extremely crowded, but the sidewalk was clear so I hoped up to the sidewalk and took off. I wanted to do about 9:10-9:15 pace, so 8:31 was a bit fast...

mile 2
1.01 miles, 9:04 / mile, 166 ave hr
now right on pace, Melisa passed me here saying she was going to try to do 9 min pace, but she was gone in a matter of minutes and I didn't see her again. She ended up with an 8:53 pace

mile 3
1.00 miles, 9:06 / mile, 170 ave hr
still right on pace even though this mile and the last were mostly up hill.

mile 4
.97 miles, 8:49 / mile, 171 ave hr
This mile was awesome as we finally got a nice long downhill to recover so I picked up the pace and tried to relax.

mile 5
1.05 miles, 9:24 / mile, 173 ave hr
This mile was really tough, so much for a negative split, but I finished strong and got a 2 minute PR for an 8K, woo hoo

one more race for the year...

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