Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cool new route

Today's plan was for me to park at Lake Johnson, Then Cindy would pick me up and we would drive to the art museum to do a point to point route on some greenway that we've both wanted to run. It was a little cold to start, but the sun and the hills quickly warmed me up. The greenway through the art museum was great, they had art and stuff along the trail and the hills were not bad at all. Then we went over the million dollar + pedestrian bridge over the beltline and headed towards Meredith collage. After one more hill, we were on the flat to down hill section down Gorman street. This part the sidewalk was a little overrun and there was a lot of traffic going to the NC State / UNC football game, but we were talking about work and what bugged us about it so it went by fairly quickly. One thing we saw was a pickup truck with a couch in the bed with 3 college kids sitting in it. Didn't think that was legal, but they are in college so anything goes.
Next we turned onto the Lake Johnson greenway and headed towards the lake. Cindy hasn't been running as much lately so we took some walk breaks. the path here was really cool and there were a bunch of friendly looking people and dog walkers. When we got to the car, she stopped and I went to do a couple more miles. I started down the unpaved trail which was advertised as 1.8 miles, I was going to run a mile, then just turn around, but after the first mile of great flat soft path, I decided just to go ahead the do the loop. A quarter mile of so more, I came to a paved path and a bridge. After the bridge, it became more like a trail run trail, but I thought I only had about .75 to go, so no problem. A little while later I came to a fork and one sign said this way no bikes, so I figured I would stay on the main route, mistake #1, followed that until it ended at a steep hill up to a main road. I thought it was Avent Ferry and all I had to do was go up and turn left and I would see the lake, mistake #2, at the top of the hill I saw it was Jones Franklin, how the hell did I get to Jones Franklin, any way I thought I could just turn left and get to Avent Ferry and head back down that, Mistake #3, I started down Jones Franklin and when I went over the beltline I knew I was screwed. I had no clue where I was, so I turned around and thought, I will just head back the way I came and it would be about 2 miles back. When I got back to the trail I saw a nice lady walking her two dogs who told me to go back to that sign and turn right. So finally I was on my way back. But the trail was not well marked and for some reason every time I had to make a decision on a turn I made the wrong one. Finally I made it back and my total was 10.2 miles.
Luckily after I apologized to Cindy for making her wait so long she said she didn't think it was that long since she was checking out the park and the people and the dogs walking their peoples.

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