Sunday, January 6, 2008

last run of the year

I ran on new years eve. it was 5.75 miles and two days after my 6 mile run. Sally was getting her hair done and Lilyan agreed to play at the park with her cousins so I had a couple hours free. I was hoping to do 8, but 2 miles into the run I knew it wasn't in my legs. It was an out and back run from the park to the river, then I was going to run along the river, it wasn't really a river but a draining canal, on the bike path. Since there was no traffic I could wear my mp3 player, and could finally relax without having to worry about traffic, time schedule, crazy kids needing to goto the bathroom, me having to goto the bathroom or really anything except when to turn around. As I said above I turned around a mile early to get 6 instead of 8, but other than that it was a wonderful run that I cut an additional .25 miles when my ankle gave me a shot of pain right at the end and I decided to just walk the final quarter mile as a cool down just to be safe.

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