Sunday, April 13, 2008

FSSeries Sprint Tri Race Report

This race was more of practice then a race, but still I wanted to do well. My primary goals were to go hard in all three, remember how to transition, and have fun. The morning started off cold and I really didn't want to get in the water to warm up before the swim, so I only warmed up the run, my knees were bugging me in the cold until I started to warmup but still I didn't feel like I was ready to race, but without a taper it was probably to be expected.
Total time 1:22:36 ( I think )
Swim - 13:58 - should have warmed up first it wasn't as cold as I was expecting and after jumping in and redlining right away, I finally relaxed and tried to get into a rhythm and remember to sight as I was all over the place the first 200 yards or so but eventually got going.
T1 - 3:49 - There was a really steep long hill just after the swim exit from the water and then a short jog to the transition area, then I had a small problem with my wetsuit so 3:49 is pretty good.
Bike - 34:27 - 18.6 mph - Bike went fairly well, still need some work on it though. Started off great with a nice down hill, but then it was up for like 2 miles to tryon this part was really hard, but then it was fairly flat for a while so I got to recover a little before the rolling section, and then a wonderful downhill finish except for the .3 miles back up to transition that I will have to do again on the run. I think I could have done better on this, but I backed off a couple times on the downhills so I could recover a little.
T2 - 1:30 - This was smooth and easy, found my spot, off with the helmet and shoes, then on go the running shoes and grab the number and I was off.
Run - 28:46 - Mile 1 was 8:30, coach said I should save some for the end so I backed off the second mile, and because it was mostly uphill :-), and did 9:07, then I thought I was going really fast on mile 3 as it was all downhill until that final uphill to the finish. I heard it might have been a little over a 5k, but either way I think it was a decent time for the hilly course it was.
All and all it was a good race, don't know my official results yet since I didn't want to hang out another hour to find out but I might update this post later with them if they are good ;-)
Update I got 3rd out of 19 in the clydesdale division, woo hoo
ends up the run course was 3.3 miles, so I averaged an 8:45 / mile pace. Now I feel better, I knew I wasn't going that slow
Official splits
sw T1 Bike T2 Run Total
William Reid 15:29 2:14 34:56 1:14 28:55 1:22:46.1

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