Sunday, April 20, 2008

wondergirl 5k

This race was on my schedule more for the little one than for me. She has been asking me constantly if she could race with me all year and finally her chance arrived. She woke up early and got ready, then we got in the car for the one hour drive to the race site. She didn't want breakfast, but I brought along a granola bar for her because I knew she would get hungry. When we got to the race site, everyone kept saying how cute she was and she was just soaking it all up. I didn't expect her to run that much since the last few times she would ride for a long time, then run a little before getting back in to ride again. We were in the last group which was supposed to start 3 minutes after the group before ours so we were cheering on all the Girls on the Run girls from the front, then we went to get in line for our start, but there was no one there, I guess then just let all the rec runners just go when ever. So we got to the start and she was ready to run, she got out and ran across the start line, which brought a huge applause from all the people watching, her friend was there as well and all the people were screaming how cute they were and saying run girls run! This overwhelmed them a little and they ran to their parents, but did not get in the joggers. After about 100 yards she was ready to ride, but after 10 seconds she wanted to get out and run again. This time she ran for a really long time before saying she was thirsty. She got back in, had a couple sips of her vitamin water then was ready to run again. This went on for the next two miles. I was really amazed how long she ran, and all the volunteers were so great encouraging her at all the turns, she was loving all the attention. After about 2.5 miles I could tell she was getting tired as her breaks were getting longer and her runs where getting shorter. But still she persisted in getting out to run, I think I had one downhill with her in the jogger that I could stretch out my legs but the rest was slow jogs or fast walks to keep up with her pace. Then we came to the final stretch and she got out with about .1 to go and ran the rest of the way to all the cheers and applause from the crowd and hit the finish. I think she ran about 2.5 miles of the 5k but was still ready to bounce in the castle they had setup.
The next morning her feet were sore and told her mom she couldn't walk because she was too tired.

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