Tuesday, January 19, 2010

are these my legs

One of the things about living in North Carolina is the winters are just crazy. One week you are running in two pairs of socks, winter tights, three layers on top, gloves and a hat, the next shorts and a t shirt. Today was a shorts and t-shirt day. It was 50 something degrees when I headed out and it felt hot. I had a 5 mile run with the last two miles at 9 min pace, ending at the track, and then doing 6x strides. About a mile into my run I was thinking about how easy this felt and that I must be going at a slow pace, but then I passed the 2 mile mark and saw I was right at 10 min pace. I tried to slow down in anticipation of the long uphill to come, but it just felt too good. I realized I was experiencing the elusive runner's high. It's been a while so I wasn't as quick to recognize it, but once I did I intended to enjoy it. When I got to the hill and started up, I got into a good rhythm and noticed I was still feeling good, half way up the hill was the mile 3 mark and the start of my 9 min pace. When I got there I checked and had done my 3 miles in 30:16 and it felt awesome. I had a third of a mile more up to go, then a nice downhill before the final rolling mile. I picked up the pace up the hill, then really started going on the downhill and did mile 4 in 8:30, when I hit the short and steep hill I pushed up and all I could think was, are these my legs? But I'm not one to look a gift great run in the mouth and just kept going, finished off the last mile in 8:45 and hit the track for some speed. Best run I've had this year.


butcept said...

Awesome! Where did you run?

$Bill said...

Down Montebello, left to dynasty, up harrison, right on apple tree to JG's house, then to the track. The one hill after JG's is always hard, so I was shocked that I went up it so well