Sunday, May 18, 2008

Surf and Turf Results

Results are in...
for the master Clydesdales
Swim rank/time - 1 13:44
Bike 1 rank/time - 3 13:27
Run 1 rank/time - 4 16:46
Bike 2 rank/time - 2 11:51
Run 2 rank/time - 4 9:33
total rank/time - 3 1:05:19

Once again, couldn't stay for the awards, although this time I actually had a valid reason other than I was cold or didn't want to stay...

I was putting my bike on my car when I over heard someone ask "So how was your race?", then I heard a young boy answer, "I did the best I could, so I'm happy with it." I turned around to see how old he was since he sounded really young, but that answer showed a maturity well past that age, and I saw he was wearing the #1 bib. That means it was Mason Boyles, Don't know that name? Well I suspect he will be making waves in the triathlon world in the future. He is 15 years old and two weeks ago he won the white lake sprint. This week he came in third 35 seconds behind the winner.

I was packing up my transition area and getting ready to go when Stacey Richardson, the winner of the women's race and winner of the st croix half ironman amateur division a few weeks ago was walking through, but still found the time to encourage all the athletes that were still on the course and working hard. She several times had to ask other age group athletes to get out of the way. Note to age group athletes, take some lessons from the elites, it's not just about YOU and respect the other competitors.

Coming in third feels great, but the other two experiences helped to restore some of my faith in the human race and means much more...

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