Monday, May 5, 2008

White Lake Sprint - results and random thoughts

The results are in...
for master Clydesdale's
place name swim T1 Bike T2 Run total
8. WILLIAM REID 4 16:09 2:10 6 39:53 1:43 14 27:31 1:27:24
Numbers above are out of 23, except the bike which for some reason a whole bunch of people didn't get a bike split so that is out of 14. I think they went over the wrong mat on the way out of transition...
Overall I was 145 out of 375, 97 for the swim, 96 on the bike, and 255 on the run.

in 2006 I was 232 out of 374, 130 for the swim, 226 on the bike, and 312 on the run.

Random thoughts.
1) at first glance it looks awesome for the bike, but I have to remember the there were about 60 people that didn't get ranked on the bike. Even still, the bike improvement was really good.
2) My concerns about the swim were unfounded as I did improve on the swim.
3) I still need to work on my run. It's getting better but I can't get complacent.
4) After comparing the years, I feel even better about the race.
5) I am really sore this morning :-)

I spend some time near the finish line while the novice women were finishing and if you really want some inspiration, that's a great place to be. One woman came across the line and proclaimed as loud as she could. "YES, I DID IT!" the look on her face was priceless. One mom came across and her two kids both around 10ish came running up to hug and congratulate her. The boy high fives her and gives her a big hug, then her daughter starts to give her a hug, but then draws back and starts trying to rub all the sweat off, it was really funny, you could see both kids were amazed and impressed that their mom could actually finish this race. I heard so many responses to "how was your race? that were like, it could have been better, I would have like to go faster. I think I'm guilty of the same thing. We have to remember that just finishing is an accomplishment in itself. With all the things that could go wrong, making it across that line is a great accomplishment.

Things to remember for next time.
1) Don't park on site is you want to leave early.
2) Line up to the left on the swim. This really worked out great.
3) Shammy buttr...
4) Get more water in me on the run and less on me :-)

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