Saturday, May 24, 2008

Woodlake Sprint Tri

So I had to go back into the archives to see how I did last time I did this race way back in 2005. I knew the final result was 1:36:28 and I finished 18 out of 33 in the 35 to 39 age group. This was a last minute addition to my race schedule and I told my coach not to build in any taper and I was just going to take the 35 mile bike that was originally on my schedule and instead do this race as a brick training session. This meant no taper and best of all no pressure. I didn't want to add pressure by looking up my splits since they don't do splits at this race I have to do them manually on my watch. So now that it's over, the splits from 2005 were
Swim: 10:24
Bike: 55:33 19.4 mph ave
Run: 27:38
total: 1:36:28
I didn't write down my transitions, but total they must have been
2:53 total

This year the run was different then 05, but the swim and bike were the same, but the splits were
Swim: 9:11
T1: 1:52
Bike: 53:32 19.6 mph ave
T2: 1:28
Run: 25:12
Total 1:31:19 - unofficial

I'd say that was a big improvement :-)

I'm a little tired, so I won't get too wordy today as everything went fairly well.

Swim: Started way to the left and tried to stay in front to avoid the churn. No problems swam fast to start, then eased into a 1:30 pace.

Bike: It was raining so I had to take corners easy. I started in the last wave, so I got to pass a lot of people. That was fun and I didn't get passed by too many so I didn't get a lot of spray in my face. This is a long bike for a sprint at 17.5 miles so I was trying to hold back at the beginning. It was a rolling course with a couple tough hills, but some nice descents to fly on. One thing I wanted to remember was a saw one guy on the bike who had on flip flops. I at first thought it was someone just out biking on the course, but then I say the number on his leg and the race bib.

Run: The run was weird. When I started I had a new feeling in my legs, not the usual heavy I just rode 17 miles feeling, but a let's do a quick turnover feeling. So I kept the stride short and just kept going. At one point I was starting to ease into a rhythm and my breathing and pain started to go away so I said to myself, "maybe I shouldn't ease into anything and if doesn't hurt I'm not going fast enough". This was about mile 1, so the next two miles I kept up an uncomfortable, but doable pace. Luckily there were no hills on the run course and most of it was on trails. I was ready for it to be over so I guess I gauged my effort fairly well :-)


butcept said...

Awesome! A big improvement, to say the least. Although you are in better shape than me, that run on Wednesday still has my legs aching for my run today...on top of Dany's freakin' hard-ass Step class...

Janelle said...

I laughed pretty hard when I read your comment about the guy wearing flip-flops on the bike. I saw that guy, too! I really couldn't believe my eyes. When I crossed the finish and my husband asked me how I felt, the first thing out of my mouth was, "There was a guy wearing flip-flops!"