Friday, March 5, 2010

Biggest Loser, why the over drama?

I've been watching the Biggest Loser this year and as usual they have been over dramatizing every thing. Luckily I am DVR'ing it so I can take the 2 hour show and watch it in only 1 hour. My biggest problem with the show is that they over dramatize everything, I like the show because of what the contestants do to lose the weight and change their lives, I could do with less of the oh my god drama they try to interject. Case in point, last weeks temptation challenge. The winner of the challenge ate about 2000 calories of junk food and everyone was freakin out, but lets look at the numbers and see how bad it really was. They have been driving it into our heads that 3500 calories = one lb of weight so he ate enough food at one meal to put on 2/3 of a lb not really a big deal when you look at his overall weight and calories out vs. calories in. His current weight was 442 lbs. In order to maintain that weight without exercise he needs to eat about 4560 calories per day. So he ate about 1/2 of his maintain calories in one meal of one day out of 7. At the end of the week he had an 11 lb weight loss. a quick calculation

11 lbs x 3500 cals = 38500 cal defecit = 5500 / day

so for the week he burnt 38500 calories more than he ate or 5500 per day.
Also lets look at his weight and how fast he burns calories

at 442 lbs he burns about 1000 cal / hour doing strenuous exercise, so at the ranch their job is to exercise so if he does 8 hours of exercise that equals 8000 calories more per day, add that to his 4560 calories for maintain and subtract the overlap
8000 + 4560 - 1520 = 11020 plus or minus calories he can eat per day to maintain his weight, now subtract the 5500 / day he needs to get his 11 lb weight loss and you get 5540 that he ate per day.
So really why all the drama? He at half his calories as junk food one day out of 7 and all he really needed to do was exercise an extra 20 minutes each day to burn that off, and when you consider the reward of being able to pick the teams, I think all the contestants that didn't do the challenge were the dumb ones.

Of course his picking of the teams was another source of drama and while I agree that the teams are uneven as far as strength challenges go, not so with the weigh ins. Once again the lighter team has less lbs to lose to get the same percentage. They went over the top about how the big team was going to kill the small team and its true, they lost more weight, but as we saw the percentage was in favor of the smaller team. In the beginning this would have been a worse for the small team, but after 6 weeks the huge numbers have all come down and we aren't seeing the double digits like we used to because their bodies have adapted. If Michael was smart he would have put himself on the small team, since he still has the most excess to lose his big number combined with the smaller teams less percentage need would have been a better fit.

So really biggest loser, why all the drama over nothing?

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