Thursday, March 4, 2010

February Recap

February just flew by with a ton of crappy weather to workout in, but I seem to have acclimated to it and was able to get all my important workouts in and most of the other ones as well. So far I have been doing really well with my number one goal of consistency and following the plan. Let's take a look at the numbers.
Minutes Miles
swimming 281 10.60
biking 842 233.00
running 659 63.00

Total 29.70 hours 307 miles

First thing I noticed is these numbers are about the same as last month with 3 less days, and that I am averaging a little over an hour / day including off days, and this does not include the other workouts I've been doing like yoga, core and resistance. So all in all Feb was a good month.
- Took 2 seconds off my 100 pace on my swim test workout.
- Got to finally get back to the track for a couple workouts.
- Loving my new tri bike, feel so much more comfortable and confident on it.
- too much crappy wet weather
- starting coming down with a cold on the 28th

looking forward I have two races coming up in March.
First is the Cary Distance Festival 10k on the 6th. Really hoping to get a PR on this one, but since I am nursing this horrible cold, not sure what is going to happen. The first big test will come on the 20th when I have the Cary Long Course Duathlon, it's a 5 mile run, 31 mile bike, 5 mile run and will give me a better idea of how my training is progressing and my current bike fitness.

One day this month it finally hit me that I am going to do an ironman in November. I think before this point it was just a possibility, and now its more of a reality. Before when I thought about it, it was more of a yes, I want to do one, and now when I think about it I get that nervous butterfly feeling in my gut. Can't remember when it was that I last had that feeling of excitement and fear at the same time.

Bring it on!

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