Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Stats

Finally August is over and I survived the 3 weeks from hell, but barely.
let's see how the numbers went.
Minutes Miles
Swimming 445 14
Biking 1396 389
Running 1092 104

total time 49 hours
total distance 507 miles

Holy shit did I just do all that?
once again biggest month ever in miles and time for all three. The biggest week was the week of August 9th with almost 15 hours and 155 miles, not sure how I survived that one...

luckily I have a half ironman to do in September so it will be an easier month. yes that did feel odd to say that. Looks like the week after the half IM will be the hardest with a 16 mile run and 100 mile bike for that weekend.

The fun continues...

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stringbean said...

Wow - how do you do all that? And in this extreme heat, too. Hopefully the weather will cool off soon. Good luck preparing for the half-iron?

The other day someone told me they saw a bumper sticker that said 240.6 and asked if i knew what it meant. I was proud to say YES and thought of you.