Monday, October 31, 2011

IFWL Experiment - Week 4

quick update for week four results
weigh in on 10/3            - 218.4 / 53.3 lb fat   / 24.4% body fat
end of week 1 on 10/10 - 214.2 / 54.8 lb fat     / 25.6% body fat
end of week 2 on 10/17 - 214.4 / 51 lb fat     / 23.8% body fat
end of week 3 on 10/24 - 214.4 / 51.7 lb fat  / 24.1% body fat
end of week 4 on 10/31 - 208.6 / 53.4 lb fat / 25.6 % body fat

At first glance it looks great to lose 6 lbs in a week, but of course we know that's not real since the body fat went way up. I did some yard work the previous weekend and was bit by something and got poison ivy or something like that and had an allergic reaction. so I've been on some kind of drug, prednisol?, for the past week and last night my body decided to get start a faster filtering process so I was up every hour to go flush out the system. Anyway I was definitely dehydrated this morning. On the positive side if I look back to the end of week one when I was at the same body fat % I am 6 lbs under that. Saturday morning at was at 212 and I suspect that is about right, so I'm going to claim 2 more lbs this week and 6 for the month.

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