Saturday, September 1, 2007

1400 calories in a half hour

Sounds impressive doesn't it? But that's not the burn rate during my brick workout today, it was how many I consumed on my half hour drive home. My fancy smanchy Garmin 305 GPS Trainer watch thingy told me I burned 4839 calories. 3415 during the 43 mile bike and 1424 during the 8 mile run. That seems a little high so I checked an old formula I had and it was as I suspected a little lower. 2865 for the bike and 1367 for the run for 4232, either number is really high. So after I was done I drank my recovery drink for 180 cals, then drove to Moe's to get a Triple Lindy burrito 900 cals, then walked next door to Starbucks and got a grande no whip mocha, iced of course, for another 320. It's not easy to eat a big ole burrito while driving, but when you are hungry enough, you find a way.

So the day started off rough with a 4:30 alarm wake up. Ate my cereal, finished getting ready and headed off to meat Karyn at 6:35. Got to North cary park right on time at 6:20, setup the bike, took a quick bathroom break and headed out. The knee was a little tight for the first bit up the hill to harrison, but after that it felt much better. Rode with Karyn out to Lifetime fitness to meet Salman and another guy whose name I can't remember right now. Then we headed out to Jordan lake. They were going to do a 70 mile loop, so I just rode with them until my turn back point so I could head back to me Cindy for the run. The ride was overall good, slow and easy. The trip back was a little harder as the wind had just started to kick up, but still not bad. Returned to the park at 9:15 as planned and started transitioning for the run. Cindy showed up right on time and after some chit chat with my coach and her husband who were there with her training group, headed out for the 8 mile run. Felt good on the run, but decided to do a walk break at each mile. Cindy said she was ok with that so it was the plan. Run went well, it was an out and back with the out being mostly uphill and the back mostly down. This worked out great as we did a negative split by :50 seconds. Took it easy mostly with only a couple of hard efforts where neither of us could manage to talk, but the walk breaks definitely helped and I had all 6 of my 8 oz bottles filled and used them all. After last week I figured it was better to over hydrate then under. Turned out the bike was mostly all zone 1,2 and 3 with only 2 minutes in zone 4 when I pushed up one hill just to see how the legs were doing. The run was split almost evenly between 3 and 4 with some 2 thrown in for the walking breaks. without the walk breaks I probably would have been all zone 4, so for the race I'll definitely be doing walk breaks at all the aid stations.
So that's it for the hard stuff, the race is 2 weeks away and it's now time to taper. Only thing I can do now is hope the training was good enough and not screw it up by training too hard leading up to the race. So back to yoga and less stress. :-)

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