Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Tuesday track day

Today's workout, 1 mile warmup, 6 x 800 @ 4:10, 1 mile cooldown. The day started off a little wrong as the holiday weekend got me all confoosed. I started to leave the house and relized it wasn't monday so I had to go back in and pack up my run stuff. Ended up forgetting my hat, watch and heart rate monitor. I was half way to work when I looked to see what time it was and all that was there was my wrist. Anyway I knew Cindy would have my back or as a final backup get one of those big bulky timer thingies from the rec center.
The morning temp was beutiful, but by 11, it had warmed up significantly but at least the humidity was giving us a break. The jog over felt ok, my left knee was still buggin me so I knew the first 800 would be more warmup, but then after that started feeling real good so I really had to try to keep the pace down to save some for the end. Cindy seemed to be back to her pre summer form, or at least not suffering as much as during the summer so that gave me some more inspiration to keep the pace up. Even though I tried to start out slow each time the first 200 somehow ended up being too fast, but at least that made the middle 400 seem easier until picking it up again for the last 200. Finally on the last 800 I was able to descend each 200, with a 1:04, 1:02, :59, :54 it was tough, but when done we were very happy to break the 4:00 mark.
Then the 1 mile cool down was just a .5 mile walk back to the rec center.

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