Sunday, September 9, 2007

Wide Load

Today was an easy 30 mile ride. I picked a nice flat route, an out and back from my house due east. The wind was NE, so at my back to start and in my face on the way back. It also descends about 200 ft over the 15 miles, so not a big difference, but enough for me to notice. My ave heart rate was 7 beats higher on the way back and my speed was 2 mph slower. Was by myself and have done this route a lot earlier this year, so I was fairly bored and started getting lost in thought and was looking on the side of the road for dead bodies, didn't find any...
On the way back I was coming up to a school and saw all the cars ahead making uturns and coming back. I got to the turn around spot and really didn't want to go back two miles, then go two miles out of the way for an 8 mile trip to get home when I was only 4 miles from home going straight. The guy at the turn around said there was a house going over I40 just ahead and it would be about 15 minutes, but I could ride ahead and try to get around it if I wanted. I wanted. I thought I was going to see a new home like I see on the highways being transferred, but no, it was a really old house. It looked to be about 50 years old. I wondered why they would move it since it was so old and decrepit looking. I guess it might be a historical house or something, but it barely fit on the bridge and was rubbing the electric wires overhead so I didn't hang out to see how it turned out.

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