Thursday, September 6, 2007


Sure didn't feel like a taper today. I was scheduled for a 15 mile bike and 2 mile run which is kinda short for a brick, but on a weekday it's a lunch hour thing and fits in perfectly. I rode 20 yesterday at lunch on the streets so today I thought instead of 15 outside on the roads with the ozone and traffic I would do the spin class first for 45 minutes, then do a 2 mile loop outside.
Spin class was great, my buddy Pam was teaching and had a funky add-on session I hadn't done before and it was challenging enough with good recovery so to not wear me out too much. The run was good, I was a little fired up from something going on at work so I used that to focus on and before I knew it 2 miles was up.
Ended up being 38 minutes on the bike 18 minute run with a 2 minute transition.
Afterwards during the cool down aka walk through the parking lot I felt like the week so far hasn't really been a taper, but the weekend is coming with 6 mile run on Saturday and 30 mile bike on Sunday being about half the time and distance that I have been doing on weekends so I'm psyched about that, and next week is even easier, until Sunday that is.

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