Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Stop the hunger... Please

Ever since yesterday's track workout I've had this never ending hunger. I was riding my bike easy on the trainer for 40 minutes as instructed by Coach B, and 30 minutes into it the hunger started coming on strong. I think I am going to gain 5 lbs this week. It's not like I've been starving myself this week, I've been eating as if I am still training so not sure why I'm so hungry, but the coach says it's normal so I'm just going to keep eating. I'm off the bike and almost done with my large house special low mien. It's better now, but after the shower the ice cream will be calling. I doubt I'll let the machine answer it :-)

Another benefit of this taper is my knees no longer hurt going up or down stairs. Hopefully my toenail will stay on until after the race.

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