Thursday, September 13, 2007

Neighboorhood 5k

I had an easy 3 - 4 miles this morning to continue with my taper so I decided to do a preview of our upcoming family 5k picnic. Weather was descent 70 something low humidity but I am still waiting for the really cool stuff to come in. Felt good the whole way did 3 sets of strides along the way. Maintained an easy 10 min pace, heart rate was mostly zone 3 with one section of zone 4 going up the monster hill. No walking today and didn't feel like I needed to. I do need to work some more hill stuff when I get back to training after the race though. I really need to get out of the habit of walking the hills and train my brain back to running them.

Yes the hunger is still with me. Woke up this morning and ate a power bar and 16oz of water while watching the news in bed. After the bar my stomach kept rumbling and my wife said "Is that you?" I said yes I can't get rid of this hunger. She said "For God's sake stop starving yourself!" I told her I was eating more now than when I was training but I can't stop being hungry.

Tomorrow is an off day, then Saturday is a short fast flat brick, 30 min bike 10 min run to blast some of these cobwebs off my legs before the big race on Sunday.

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