Saturday, September 15, 2007

Shaking off the cobwebs, and some nerves

Today was my pre-race brick. I have had some success with this in the past and usually do this before a Sunday race as I just don't feel right not working out on a Saturday. I do a 30 min bike followed by a 10 min run. I ride out for 15 minutes easy as a warm up with a couple pickups mixed in to get ready, then at the turn around, I sprint back. Today it took 27 minutes, 15 out and 12 back. It felt good to feel the burn in my legs again and to know I can handle it when it returns full strength tomorrow on some of those hills. The run part is just an easy lolly pop route from my house. After a 1 minute transition, I started out uphill easy, loop around and head back home on a slight downhill. The run was great, after about 4 minutes the wobbles from the bike went away and I was able to keep a steady pace. My heart rate was between 151 and 156 the whole way so no spikes and my pace was around 9:35. Right at race pace. Legs felt great so this workout did wonders for my confidence and the weather looks awesome for tomorrow.
Still, I am a little more nervous for this race then usual as it is a much harder course. I haven't had pre-race jitters like this in quite a while so it's a little unnerving and the coffee isn't helping any. Off to pick up my race packet, then home to start getting everything ready for tomorrow.

I did the white lake half in May in 6:08 Something, so breaking that would be great, but since this course is much harder I will use it as a carrot if I am close on the run. so my current prediction is...
Swim 35:00 ( probably no wetsuits, yea ).
T1 2:00
Bike 3:05:00
T2 5:00
Run 2:30:00
total 6:17:00

Now I just have to wait and see

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