Sunday, October 14, 2007

2nd Annual Reid Family 5k

First, thanks to all that showed up, we had a great time and Lilyan is still sleeping. She had so much fun.

Woke up at 5am to finish getting ready. Still needed to wash some fruit, cut some tomatoes and so forth. Headed out the door at 8:45 to run the course the first time so I could mark all the turns with chalk so no one would get lost. Ying showed up just in time to go with me so I wasn't bored. We kept a decent pace but stopped at every turn to put down some chalk so I think we were doing a 9 something per mile pace, but ended up around 10 with all the stopping. Ran all the hills, and there are a lot of them :-).

Got back just in time for everyone else to start showing up. Changed into short sleeves from long since long was a little warm. Got the kid bundled up for her ride in the jogger and headed out. The last people showed up around 9:35 so we started a little late, but what kind of self respecting race starts on time anyway?

This time I ran with time while pushing YY and Tim was pushing his daughter Mia. Got passed right at the beginning by some fast people who for some reason did not want to volunteer to help push the kids up the hills. Took this lap much slower and walked the hills when they started to get hard. About half way through Lilyan says, "Can I run now?" great, taking 35 lbs out of the jogger and running her pace makes it much easier. So Mia and YY got out and started running up the really long hill. She made it about half way and says "Daddy I'm so tired from running up this hill." so she go back in and for the walk to the top. They got out a couple more times to run a bit before the end. But when we got to the final downhill stretch to the house, I told her she had to run to the finish. So they both got out and ran the final .25 miles to the finish and crossed together. They were very cute.

After the race, I filled up on some awesome Cinnamon buns and brownies, not to mention the smoked sausage, hamburgers and fruit.

Can't wait till next year.

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