Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I love the track

That's what I told my coach when she tried to tell me I should take it easy and do a short fartlek run instead of going to the track. I miss the track. It's been a while and I really wanted to just get out there. I was scheduled for 3 x 1 mile, but since I had only run 1 time since the half iron man and that was 8 days ago, my coach thought I needed to ease back into training. I compromised on doing the 3 miles, but doing them as 400 fast, 400 easy. This worked out great. I managed to hit around 2:05 for the fast ones and 2:30 for the easy ones, felt good for most of the 3 miles and was happy to be running fast again :-). The cold that I had for the last week seems to have gone away and my motivation is returning. Can't wait for the Emerald Isle tri in 3 weeks.

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