Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Brick

I haven't biked since the duke half, and haven't been on my tri bike in I don't know how long. so I needed to get back out and ride. My coach says I should do at least a one mile run after to remind my legs what it feels like to run after a bike. So...

It was 48 degrees, and with clear skies and little to no wind when I headed out at 7:30 AM this morning. Bike was working good, but I forgot my cell phone and didn't relize it until mile 3 or so. This caused me to changed my route to stay closer to home since the last 3 times on this bike has not ended well. Glad I got out there since the first 10 miles werent' going that well due to the above mentioned vacation from the tri bike, but then I made the turn for the last 5 miles home and picked up the pace and started to feel the burn in the right places which made me feel much better then when it was in the wrong places :-). Managed to keep the speed over 20 the whole way home and felt really good getting off the bike.

A quick 1:30 tranistion and off to run.

Yes coach B was right, my legs were like "what is the running thing after biking so fast?", but after 1/2 mile I could feel my toes again and my legs still a little tired from yesterday's hilly 7 miles started to feel better. So my pace started picking up and ended up with a 9:30 pace for the 1.5 miles I did.

Not sure if it's the weather or the time off since Duke but I am finally starting to feel good again. Getting really excited for next week's final tri of the season. I don't really care about my time for the race, I just want to go fast and feel good.

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