Saturday, October 20, 2007

Emerald Isle Tri I mean duathlon

I had some worries about them cancelling the swim when I saw the weather forecast for the weekend and the storms being of the coast on Saturday morning, but when I woke up and looked at the waves, they weren't that bad. Not nearly as bad as Kure beach either year that I did it. So I had some hope. Showed up at the race site and looked from beach level and not from 7 stories up, and it still looked good. This swim was an out and back so you swim straight out into the ocean, then turn around and come back, where kure beach is a swim a long the shore. I guess that makes a difference because at 7:15 the announced that the Coast Guard could not set the buoys and the undertow was too strong so they were cancelling the swim and changing to a 5k run, 12 mile bike.
So all my planning and visualizations just went out the window. I have 30 minutes to the start and was not in a good mood. Anyway gotta take what they give me. So put away all my swimming stuff and started to warm up for the run.

5k run 27:58 ( unofficial )
I wasn't sure how to race this since I don't usually do a 5k run then an all out bike so I just decided to do a 9 minute pace and then hope for the best on the bike. The run was uneventful, an out and back on flat roads. It was nicely marked with 1/2 mile markers and I managed a steady 9 min pace the whole way. I probably could have done 26:30 if I went all out and didn't care about the bike, and my plan was to go all out after the bike.
T1 :58 ( unofficial )
The don't really time transitions here, it gets added to the bike, but since I hit the lap button on my watch...
Bike 12.5 miles 36:12 ( unofficial )
The bike was great. I pushed hard the whole way, it was into the wind on the way out and wind at your back on the way home. I was passed by one relay guy and that was it. I passed a whole bunch of people and it felt really good. I averaged 19 mph on the way into the wind and 23 on the way back. Legs burning the whole way. I saw a girl wearing a tee shirt that said "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional". gotta get on of those...
Final time 1:05:09 ( unofficial )
I think that put me at 12 out of 20 for Clydesdales.
When I looked at last years results, I thought if I could beat 1:25 I had a chance for top 3 and with a 15 swim I would have been close to 1:20. Normally I am 25% in the swim, middle for the bike and bottom 25% for the run. Looks like I was 4 or 5 on the bike, so if we had the swim I think I could have made that top 3. I was 17 on the run but I think if the run was third, I might have been able to go faster.

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