Thursday, October 25, 2007

Running in the Rain

It's been a long time since I've got to run in the rain. It was great. We really need the rain here and it was warm enough so that getting wet wasn't miserable.
On tap for today was a 10k loop that includes a couple really mean hills. I was supposed to run the last 2 miles at a faster pace than the first 4. So I wasn't sure which way to go. If I go clockwise, I get a one really long steady climb just before the pickup time, but then there are a couple nice downhills before the hilly finish. Or counter clockwise which means I start the faster pace at the top of 1/2 mile hill. But after a quarter mile it's fairly flat with a gradual downhill finish.

I opt for the counter clockwise route and take off. The weather combined with my reduced training load has made my legs fell really strong lately, so the climb to the back gate feels not so bad and I have to constantly check myself to keep from running too fast. I figured I would try around 10:30, then finish off around 10 min pace. When I get to the park I got a surprise as my buddy Nancy drove by just as I was turning into the park with some woohoo's of encouragement :-). The next part is the best a gradual slope down to the lowest point of the run and just before 1/2 mile hill. It's a 1/2 mile long and it goes up 200 feet in elevation. There is one point about 3/4 of the way up that levels off a bit to give you a break, but then it just keeps going. Slowed down on half mile hill, it took me 6:21 to get up it but my heart rate never went over 160. At the top I felt good since I was going slow and usually I walk at the top, but today I just kept going. I speed up and tried to maintain a descent pace. I was not planning on any walk breaks, but the traffic on Harrison did not cooperate so I had to wait for the cars getting onto I40, but not for too long. The next part I had the reverse problem from the start, I kept having to check myself from going too slow. But eventually I made it to the turn back into work and the down fill finish. I picked up the pace and finished strong.

to bottom of half mile hill
pace 10:30, 3.5 miles, 36:45, ave hr 140 - nice and easy
up half mile hill
pace 11:43, .54 miles, 6:21, ave hr 155 - max 160 not so bad when going slow
Back to work
pace 9:53, 2.17 miles, 21:28, ave hr 158 - faster pace felt not so bad, but legs were getting tired.

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