Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Swim Tune up

Monday's swim:
20 minutes steady ( 2 mph )
10 x 30 seconds fast ( 3 mph ) 5 second recovery
5 min cool down ( 1.8 mph )
So I went out to the sunroom to find my pool was only 76 degrees. Man that's cold. so before I got started I had to go under the house to make sure everything was ok. Looks like the heater had tripped and got shutoff. I somehow managed to get in and was wondering if I should be wearing my wetsuit or not ;-). The 20 min warmup went by too quick I was really getting into the Beattles today. Anyway I pushed up the speed to 3mph for my 30 second reps and man was that hard. 1 mph more of current and I could barely keep up. Now I know why they always say not to try to swim into the rip current. So helpful tip of the day, always swim perpendicular ( 90 degrees ) to the current until you get out of it, then swim to shore :-).

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